About ABC Express Preschool

From the first moment you enter ABC Express Preschool you will notice the difference.

Unlike most other preschools, as your child walks through our doors, they are immediately welcomed into a large, brightly colored, open playroom, filled with endless opportunity for free play. During this play period, children get the opportunity to interact with children of all ages before their specific class time begins.

As you wander from room to room, you will notice that each classroom is separated by ages and decorated by theme. Each teacher takes the time to create bulletin boards based on monthly themes and proudly displays student art work around their rooms. In their classrooms, most of our class time revolves around exploration and play so all classrooms have a generous amount of age appropriate manipulatives, books, art supplies, toys and activities.

When class time is over, its time for the students stretch their legs. Our children enjoy daily scheduled play time in our vast, shaded, outdoor play yard. Here students can participate in basketball, soccer and various teacher led games.  In addition, there are many ride on toys, play houses and even a multi- level play set for climbing and sliding. Children also have the opportunity to explore the grass, mulch, sand and black top areas

Our teachers have many years of preschool experience and spend a lot of their time customizing activities to meet each child’s needs. They provide a safe and developmentally appropriate program for your child by ensuring that they are involved in a meaningful and fun learning activities. We strive to keep our student teacher ratio low so that each child receives the attention they deserve Give us a call today to experience the difference.

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