We teach letters, numbers, and colors through the use of weekly themes. We use many varied hands-on approaches to learning, such as play-doh, rice and shaving cream. We teach socialization through role playing and days of the week and months of the year, through song, during circle time. Projects, worksheets and stories are utilized each day to coincide with our themes.

In our baby room we play classical music, read stories and let the babies have plenty of tummy time. Each child’s schedule is personalized and followed by our teachers. They also explore their world through developmentally appropriate toys such as blocks, cars, trucks and dolls.

2 1/2 year olds
The 2 1/2 year old’s class time consists of following the weekly theme through projects, coloring papers and stories. We also utilize flashcards with numbers, letters, colors and shapes. They learn seasonal songs and poems during circle time.

3 year olds
This class also follows the weekly theme, but children are taught to use scissors, glue and crayons independently. They also learn how to write their first names, recognize their colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Weekly cooking projects are incorporated into our themes.

Our pre-k class follows the Happily Ever After curriculum. It is a pre-reading series that teaches letters, colors, shapes, poem and rhymes. In this class children learn to write their last names, phone numbers, addresses and birthdays. We learn numbers and counting through many hands on activities. You can often find this class working with shaving cream, play-doh and rice.

In our private full-day kindergarten program, we use weekly letter books, that compliment our pre-k program. This series teaches letter sounds, literature appreciation and word attack/comprehension skills through stories, songs, games, activities and art projects. We use the math series, Math in My World, to teach number concepts, addition, subtraction and word problem through the use of manipulative’s in math centers.