The Importance of Play

While many childcare programs focus their attention on the mastery of   letters and numbers, in recent years the trend has been to introduce more play, as it is essential for child development. It is very important to introduce relevant content in all aspects of play. This type of play stimulates all physical, social, emotional and cognitive development in the early years. Children need time, space, materials and the support of teachers to facilitate learning.

At ABC Express Preschool, we also believe that play is essential for our children’s growth and development. While our children do learn letters, colors, numbers, and shapes, the learning unfolds naturally through dramatic play, outdoor play, using blocks, chalk and plain old discovery.  Important skills like vocabulary and communication are learned through daily conversations among children and teachers.

Play takes on many shapes and forms, therefore it also builds empathy and social skills.

It teaches children to work together and problem solve using both words and actions. When allowing children to have open ended play imaginations flourish and grow. Play also encourages gross and fine motor skills without constraints, as it allows the child to mature at their own pace. For these reasons and many more, you can see the importance play has in the development of a child’s early years.

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